May 25, 2010

My Philosophy of Success is Ever-Changing

It hasn’t been until the past two years that I, rather slowly, learned two realities: First, I and only I will be responsible for my own definition of success and how I’ll achieve it. Second, thankfully, I’m living a successful life right NOW. Wow – how enlightening! It really has taken out a lot of pressure. Instead of focusing on the intangibles, I’m now focusing in the intangibles, what really matters: family, friends, well-being, spirituality, health, peace and love. These intangibles make up my synonym for success: happiness! The reality is that if you feel truly happy, the law of attraction leads you to be a “magnet” for all good things for you: a great career, where you love what you do, and thus receive monetary rewards; valuable relationships (co-workers, friends and family); stability and purpose in life. In a nutshell, THIS is my current philosophy of success. It may vary years to come, but I hope I never fall in the “trap” of believing otherwise.

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