May 19, 2010

Coming Soon: A More Business-Friendly

According to (which as always, has the premier full scoop) and, has "silently" and gradually started sending invitations to selected business Twitter accounts to test their new Business Tab (appearing in the account's "settings"). There's still no word on whether Twitter Business Center will be a paid add-on or when it would be available to all businesses, but here's the scoop on what it can potentially do for small, mid and big-sized companies:

1. Improve Costumer Service:
Currently, in order to send a direct message to another person within Twitter (not within Twitter's public timeline), you need to "follow" the person you want to send the message to. With this new business center tab, businesses can send a direct message to consumers who are "tweeting" about their product, who are asking questions, who are complaining or simply would like to know more about the company - without having to "follow" hundreds of people. Without this extra step, businesses can really maximize Twitter to increase interactivity with their consumers.

2. Streamline Social Marketing Efforts:
The Business Center will include a "Collaborators Tab" where businesses can include different employees ("collaborators") within one Twitter account - without having to manage different profiles for each employee or for each product. Now all staff/supplier/vendor Twitter efforts can be more effective with only one account to update.

3. Add Trust & Credibility:
Currently only available to notable public individuals like celebrities, now businesses can - after going through Twitter's verification procedure - have Twitter's "Verified Account" green checkmark within their profiles. What this would do? Businesses can gain trust within their location, industry and consumers.

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