May 27, 2010

TEAM-Building: The TARGET Way

Recognition is one of the most cost-effective approaches of showing appreciation to employees without a raise or promotion; when an individual is recognized for a job well done in front of an entire team, it means a lot to other team members. At Target, rewards are motivational to ensure talent is allowed to develop and competition among staff by acknowledging individuals achievement and giving appropriate recognition to highfliers.

Target believes that teams can alter the individual’s motivation or needs and can influence the behavior of individuals in the organizational setting. The aspiration for need satisfaction can be a strong motivating force leading to group formation. Therefore, Target implements team building activities to continue individual development into better leaders and more effective team members; team building activities differs according to needs and objectives. To accomplish the goal, Target offers training leadership classes for employees throughout the year where they learn how to contribute to get goals accomplished, to satisfy personal needs, and facilitate communication during conflict, and, most important, how to lead large teams with diverse backgrounds and ethics to accomplish a goal.

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