Apr 3, 2009

What do you know about wine?

"Wine" by ~seamgrvs (

1. Rioja is a wine from Spain, but what is Rioja? A region in northern Spain
2. The famous French wine Chablis is made from which grape variety? Exclusively from Chardonnay
3. To which great statesman do we owe this quote about champagne: "In victory, I deserve it, but in adversity, I need it"? Clemenceau
4. Which country is generally acknowledged to be the birthplace of wine? Georgia
5. Roughly how old are teh trees used for the best French barrels? 150 years old
6. Of the tour so-called basic flavors, only one is found very rarely in wine, which one? Salty; To describe the balance in a wine, three of the basic flavours are often used - sweet, acidic and bitter - which are combined differently depending on the style and type of wine. Salty are very rare.
7. Which spirits is not made from grape? Calvados; made from apples
8. Wine is made up essentially of: Roughly 85% is made of water; its not advisable however to drink it all day =0)

Source: Number Wine Magazine (Paris, France)

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