Jul 1, 2011

4 Powerful Lessons for Our Spiritual Journey

The lessons below are taken word by word from today's call transcipt of  Friday's "Kabbalah 7- Minute Consciouness" call with Benjamin Malulwhich I've been blessed to start transcribing today - and all Fridays moving forward. Today is the start of the month of Cancer, which according to the Kabbalists, provides an opportunity for an extreme level of cleansing of our soul. You can read the entire call transcript here. Learn....understand....engrave....share....and grow ;)  - Anllelic

LESSON #1: Anytime I’m working on myself, trying to increase my spiritual awareness. Anytime I’m doing that, we should know that the light is staying away from us – anytime we do that. So you say something like: “OK I want to grow…I want to get closer to the light, but every time that I get closer to the light, the light stays away.” And it’s very simple because it says that the light leaves us some room so we can keep working on our evil inclinations – on our negativity. We need to keep seeing. Because when the bright light always comes, and I’m actually getting blinded. I cannot see. So it’s important that we keep pushing and knowing that the light is always an inch next to us. So giving us time to grow and get stronger and stronger.

LESSON #2:  If want to reveal a secret, I need to sacrifice or to reduce the desire to receive for one self alone, so I would be able to connect to the light. It says that for the degree that we can remove and sacrifice the desire to receive for the self alone. To that degree, I’ll be able to uncover secrets, to reveal more lessons and to reveal my purpose.

LESSON #3:  The idea of minus and minus gives us plus, which gives us purification. So there’s an extreme level of purification through judgment. Anytime that a person goes through a negative time, you know at the time it seems to be painful but later he says WOW, I’ve grown so much from that! It made me change, it made me a different person –  and for us to take it in a positive way, we can grow and increase the level of the light from it.

LESSON #4: that these are the secrets – these are the laws-, which it means the idea to engrave. So we should really engrave the secrets within us. We should engrave the idea of the light, the idea of sharing – or any secret that it’s revealed to us, should be engraved in our heart. So we can’t ever forget that, first of all, the opponent is always there and we should never forget that the light can eliminate chaos, cancer, diseases…. right away – no time.

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