Aug 17, 2010

PR Newswire's FREE Webinar Wednesday, Aug 25th: The "Spanglish" of Social Media: The Importance of Relevant Communication

The "Spanglish" of Social Media: The Importance of Relevant Communication

Wed, Aug 25, 10, 13:00 ET

The importance of relevancy in communication cannot be understated. Identifying the needs and interests of your target audience is an important first step in driving a strategic communications plan. When seeking to engage Hispanic audiences, selecting the appropriate language and tone for your message can make all the difference in achieving success. This is especially true in the world of social media. Additionally, communicators must remember that content is king and the creation of compelling content will help increase interaction with your message.
Join PR Newswire for this FREE webinar and learn how to effectively plan an online communications strategy that will resonate with your core Hispanic audiences.

During this webinar, we will explore:
•How to determine which language and tone should be used when communicating with your Latino audience

•Ways to increase online engagement

•How to effectively write concise and compelling copy for the Web


Cristy Clavijo-Kish, Senior Vice President, Multicultural Markets, PR Newswire


Elianne Ramos, Principal & CEO, Speak Hispanic Communications & Vice-Chair, Communications & PR, Latinos in Social Media

Lance Rios, Founder, Being Latino

Ada Luz Restrepo, Analyst, Spanish User Operations, Facebook


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