Jan 14, 2015

Kabbalah on Love & Relationships Lecture by Michael & Monica Berg

Kabbalah on Relationships Notes:

- Friendship: meant to be there to make us grow

- Americans value more marriage than any other culture

With relationship:
- do smile when they share?
- ru the most imp person on each other's lives

- We focus more on finding happines than being happy.

- Dont focus on the situation, but the oppprtunity of the situation (to grow, to be closer)

- Make two pacts:
1. nothing is more imp that our committment together
2. If something is uncomfortable, we will talk about it

thought #1: If u want ur relationship grow, work on your friendship. U should always strive to be a better friend to your spouse. How? Share when you dont want to.

- When a relationship goes from happy to sour, is because not enough energy was being injected.

- Our relationships are meant to be the greatest source of fulfillment. 

- You may be in love today, but you cant count on it being there tomorrow...and growing.

- We need to constantly go out of your way / uncomfortable for your partner in order to keep growing relationship

#2 Thought: Be vulnerable
 - In unstable relationships, vulnerability becomes uncomfortable. In stable ones, there's growth and freedom.

- 3 realities we live in:
1. Dependant on others opinioms
2. Holding out thoughts
3. Ashamed to say what we want

- Asking what we want = vulnerable (be seen!)

- Vulnerability: share something painful

- Sharing is not the same as pleasing!

- Is there anything you feel uncomfortable saying? 

- How vulnerable u allow your spouse to be?

- Most important aspect of relationship: be vulnerable with partner and let partner to be vulnerable

3rd Thought: Allow your partner to influence you (desire to change)

- Every negative relationship affects physical (walls, couches, homes) and energy of bodies around the world.

- Partner is our mirror: what we think we need to change isnt what we need to change. Thats why your partner is there.

- You need to be comfortable enough to say: I trust you enough to tell me what I need to change.

- If there's a desire on both sides to change, the probability of staying will be bigger

- The Light of the creator needs to be on the core of a true relationship. Thats the basis that enables our relationship to keep growing.

- People who are denying change (controlling their current situation) find it very difficult to stay in a relationship.

- Instead of one wearing the pants of the relationship, both should wear shorts :)

- Affecting change = DESIRE

- If you know u need to change an aspect of yourself, is better to wait to be in a relationship so you dont attract the person that will only satisfy and immediate need. Not real.

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