Jan 26, 2015

Creating Miracles: Notes (01/12/2015)

By my friend, Felipe Stanev

“If you do not believe in miracles, you are not allowed to be my friend”- Rav. Berg

What is miracle?

Kabbalah teaches us there are three aspects of miracles:

Beyond physical realm- outside physical logic
Daily miracles that we are not aware: ex. A virus that attacked us but we did not get sick
Normal: birth, breathing, health, joy (we take for granted because they are beyond what we earned)

We need to appreciate normal miracles to create the vessel needed for bigger miracles.

To live normal life in the physical realm, without chaos, we need to appreciate daily miracles.

Create appreciation of miracles through:


Miracles and the three of life

Since Malchut is the realm of physical logic, and since miracles are beyond physical logic. Therefore, miracles come from all sefirots but Malchut.

Light is infinite but it does not force the vessel, so if belief system is limited then the vessel is limited. The light does not change, only the vessel changes.

God is the source not the creator of miracles, we are the one supposed to access miracles. We access miracles by desire and appreciation:

If it can disappear, I want (appreciate)
If I want, God gives  


Every time I go on my natural tendency, things are guaranteed to remain as they are. I need to change my consciousness- what is not natural.

“If somebody hurts me, I do not go to sleep before forgiving and trying to help- trying to help who caused pain is beyond nature and what is normal, so this is the miracle” – Ari.  



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