Feb 28, 2009

Not an Art.

Mark Springle in Namaste
Very Thorough Blog:

I just came back from a free seminar in Life Center Miami - Beach, FL) named: LIFE STUDIES FORUM: Astrology and Consciousness with Mark Springle.
I've never been to the center, even though I've seen it plenty of times as it's located right next to the Health Center I used to go.

First, Center Review:
- Take off shoes in lobby (of course)
- Very Ommmm...candles, Buddahs everythig, green color, wood floors, etc.
- Two studios and a gift store with health conscious goodies
- LOOOVE their slogan: "Stretch Your Mind" (now in my favorite quotes list here)
- What's inside? yoga, reiki, yoga, pranic crystal healing, yoga, tarot reading, yoga, life coaching, yoga, holistic nutrition, yoga, pranic healing and yoga.
What's Astrology:Astrology is a discipline which seeks to reveal our higher Consciousness through an active participation in the cycles of the Cosmos. The practice of astrology helps us to harness and direct that energy.

The study of astrology is based on a series of symbols, each related to the others, just as a backbend requires shoulder flexibility as much as flexibility of the spine. We cannot discuss a symbol as if it were independent of its peers, just as we cannot do a backbend well if our shoulders are not open. One major misunderstanding of this system is to discuss a symbol as if it were not related to the others. The power of astrology lies in its ability to help each of us understand the unique gifts and wounds we have been given. When we can look past the discomfort these possessions give us, we can begin to harness the immense power they carry.

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